Kürtőskalács / Chimney Cake

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Chimney Cake / Kürtős Kalács was originally baked over hot coals by Hungarians residing in Transylvania, Romania – the home of the mythical Dracula! 🙂

Originally the pastry or cake was only baked on special occasions, such as weddings or festivals. However the popularity of the product has grown & once a festive treat, is now is now part of everyday consumption.

To make the product, dough is rolled by hand into an even strip & is wrapped, like a ribbon, around a wooden or steel cooking roll. It is then coated in sugar & baked in a purpose made oven or on a gas or charcoal grill. A topping of choice is then sprinkled on the baked Kürtőskalács while they’re hot & sticky. The caramelised sugar on the surface creates a sweet, crispy crust while inside the dough is fluffy & soft.

We make ours the traditional way, but we’re always innovating too. We developed a savory version using exactly the same dough recipe. But instead of sugar, we roll the Kürtőskalács in cheese & season them with salt, various herbs or even olives. It makes a mouth-watering, tasty snack or light lunch.

We invented the way of doing Our signature Chimney Dog, used by Our Cheese Cake paired with the home made Hungarian Sausage, some salad and mustard.
Chimney Sandwiches are also appearing time to time as an additional option for the Sandwich Menu.

As we are located in Cyprus and we wanted to make some memorable ideas so we created two recipe that gives the most authentic local experience on a foreign product.
First to mention is definitely the Halloumi coated Chimney Cake that can be used also as a sandwich or cut up as rings is a perfect snack on the side of drinks.


Second is the Olive coated Chimney Cake that we turned into a Greek salad “bowl” and creates an unforgettable Greek salad with a surprising touch of an olive chimney.

The salty ones we do them occasionally in store but they are also available for orders.

We offer Chimney Cakes as small gifts for special days, presents on christenings and weddings, unique handmade desserts for events.

As the variations are endless we continue to come up with ideas and they will appear to break the grayness of days and put a smile on Our Customers! Come by and discover the world of Chimney Cakes in the heart of the old town in Limassol.

We look forward to hear from your Chimney experiences!



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